Mom's Pancakes

My mom’s new recipe for pancakes. It’s supposed to be whole food plant-based, or at least closer to it than what we used to eat.

I don’t measure anything but this is close. You can add more or less of each ingredient. I only figured this out recently…the chickpea flour makes it more fluffy. I usually add walnuts and blueberries. And for my guys I add chocolate chips to each one after I pour onto the nonstick pan. Remember, to poke and cover the chocolate chips with a little batter until they are covered so when you flip, the chocolate will not scorch.

Not sure if you know this but Trader Joe’s chocolate chips are vegan.


For batter:

Optional mix-ins:


  1. Mash banana in bowl.
  2. Mix all other batter ingredients except milk.
  3. Add milk until it’s a good pourable consistency.
  4. Mix in all chunky ingredients except for chocolate such as nuts and berries.
  5. Pour into pan.
  6. Add chocolate chips and poke them into the pancakes so that they are covered with batter and don’t burn.
  7. Flip occasionally until done.